Perdana 4D Results

Launched in Malaysia in 1986, the Perdana 4D Lottery has since become one of the most popular ways to play the lottery in Malaysia. 

Every week, tens of thousands of people gather to buy their tickets, and over 100 million ringgit are distributed to players each month. 

But what makes this lottery so popular? And what’s it like to win? Let’s take a closer look at this great Malaysian tradition.

Winning Numbers


The Basics

The first thing to know about four-digit lotteries is that they’re not something you can pick up at a gas station. Instead, they’re most popular in nations with large populations (such as China) where they take place in huge arenas or stadiums, are televised live, and can draw big crowds. 

There are also some small-scale four-digit lotteries organized by local groups for fundraising or just for fun; these usually have lower prizes but follow much of the same format. In both cases, though, each number represents a different prize category: for example, 7 might stand for cash or apartments while 4 stands for electronics.

Timings and days

The Perdana 4D lottery takes place in Kuala Lumpur every day of each week. Tickets cost just RM1 each (USD0.25) and are sold at various outlets such as petrol stations and small shops across Malaysia, including convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Daily Mart. 

How To Play

To be eligible for prizes, you need to pick four numbers between 1-29 on your ticket; anything above or below these numbers will not count as a win in any way. You can buy up to 10 tickets per game. If there are more than 1 million winners on any given draw date then all of them will receive prizes smaller prizes increase proportionally when more people are winners.

Who can play

The Perdana 4D lottery can only be played by individuals who have reached 18 years of age. Children under 18 are not permitted to take part in any form of lottery. The Malaysian government has banned minors from entering casinos, wagering at race tracks or bookies (or buying anything through e-commerce that involves gambling).

 While no minimum age was specified for playing lotteries or sweepstakes (which require no purchase or entry fee), they are considered gambling and thus are banned by federal law

Where Can I Buy Tickets?

You can buy tickets at any of these outlets. Be sure that your ticket isn’t torn or damaged, as they will not accept these. Also bear in mind that there are queues—it may take some time to get your hands on a ticket. 

Once you have bought your ticket, check if any numbers match those of an advertised prize in one of Malaysia’s newspapers: New Straits Times (Malaysia), Berita Harian (Malaysia), and Kementerian Penerangan Malaysia.